Cara Steel And Scarlet Bouvier

In this mesmerising new photo gallery from studio66 we bring you a series of compilation photos starring two gorgeous beauties Cara Steel and Scarlet Bouvier. They are smoking hot celeb models who are complete opposites of each other who yet make their differences work in their favor like yin and yang. Cara has flowing dark hair with pale creamy skin that seems to be glowing in the night while Scarlet is a gorgeous light brunette chick with a beautiful sun-kissed body. These decorative photos show off just how amazing they are as they fit together inspite of their differences. Like day and night, Cara is wearing sexy black lingerie while Scarlet is in an innocent looking white lace dress. What they have in common apart from their beauty is their enjoyment of getting naked in front of the camera. Make sure not to miss out their super hot stripping show!